Welcome to Historic Downtown Prosser Association

Prosser, the Birthplace of the Washington Wine Industry. Prosser offers its citizens a “small town” quality of life with an ever-growing number of shops, wineries, restaurants, and galleries.

Do you often wonder what is the difference between the Prosser Chamber, Economic Development Association, and the Historic Downtown Prosser Association? Click below to see a comparison of the three organizations:

Historic Downtown Prosser Association


To create a vibrant and prosperous downtown.

♦ Follows the National Main Street Program Structure towards Economic Development through Historic Preservation.
♦ Partnership development through membership, volunteer management, and procedures.
♦ Beautifies the downtown through new streetscape, plants, design guidelines, and offering a Façade Improvement Grant Program.
♦ Attracts locals and tourists to the downtown through special events, promotions, and marketing.
♦ Understands the economic market of the downtown through research and networking and aides business and property owners accordingly.

Prosser Economic Development Assoc.


To create and promote a sustainable community by leading projects to generate economic growth.

♦ Promotes job creation and business wealth.
♦ Advocates for commercial growth.
♦ Interfaces with local, county and state officials to reduce obstacles.
♦ Assists businesses/developers with location information.
♦ Consults with public entities for efficient planning.
♦ Provides a grant writer program for eligible public projects.
♦ Assists industry with customized training and education programs.

Prosser Chamber of Commerce


To promote and assist local business.

♦ Promotes local business through website listings and directories
♦ Assists local businesses with events and projects through promotion and use of assets.
♦ Serves as the tourism marketing arm implementing a focused marketing plan using a variety of media
♦ Operates the Visitors Center 300 days a year, communicating with over 20,000 visitor requests
♦ Organizes community events including the Easter egg hunt, City wide yard sales, Sportsfest, Scottish Fest, Art Walk & Wine Gala, States Day Parade & Celebration, Harvest & Street Painting Festival, Veterans Day Parade, and Family Christmas Festival.

Do you want to be a part of something exciting and great for your community next summer?  The HDPA is looking for hanging flower basket volunteers to drive the truck and water each morning at 6:00 a.m. Volunteers will go out in teams of two to help make the downtown colorful and beautiful!
A healthy, viable downtown is crucial to the heritage, economic health, and civic pride of any community. The Historic Downtown Prosser Association is reliant on the support from our community to continue working towards our mission of maintaining a vibrant and prosperous downtown.

Our Organization

  • Board of Directors and Organization Committee: Increase involvement by providing effective leadership.
  • Promotion Committee: Promote downtown as the community’s historic and economic center.
  • Design Committee: Encourage visual improvements through good design compatible with historic features.
  • Economic Restructuring Committee: Strengthen and diversify the economic base.


Historic Downtown Prosser Association | 1230 Bennett Avenue |  Prosser, WA 99350